Good Shoe Fit

    Running Shoes — I hated shoes. Every pair I tried rubbed here or there and gave me blisters and hot spots.

    And then it happened.

    Someone hinted that I might have a wide foot (they were nice and said it without making me feel fat) and now I love shoes. No more rubbing, no more blisters.

    I used to only buy the cool brands like Nike and Adidas so I could be cool and I never realized that maybe they didn’t have my foot in mind. My foot is too straight for a Nike and too wide to fit in an Adidas toe box (the toe-end of the shoe).

    For most feet there are other factors to consider like arch, heel and things that stick out.

    The biggest key to shoe fit is brand. Every brand uses a different mold when creating shoes. Have your foot measured before you try anything on and just try one shoe from all of the brands to see which bests fits your shape of foot.

    So, how did you get tricked into thinking that only length mattered? Well, remember back to shoe shopping in elementary school? You would go to the mall, stick your foot in a shiny foot measurer and feel very cool and grown up if you could get your big toe almost 2 sizes bigger than your current pair.

    All you cared about was the length because bigger feet meant more grownup. What you didn’t see is the sales person also measuring the width. Fast forward. As a teenager you’d go to the same mall, pick the ones that looked cool (i.e. shoes that would make other teenagers like you more) and tell the sales person they feel great.

    A week later they didn’t feel great and you’d stick Band-Aids on your heel or toe or foot and eventually your foot grew into it. Fast forward. You’re legally an adult and you hate shoes. Nike and Adidas promise their shoes will make you cool and you are, but their shoes just don’t fit.

    And it’s not your fault. Somewhere in the middle of all that the sales person forgot to tell you the second most important number besides your foot length – the width. All it would take is one “oh, looks like you have a wide / narrow foot” and you would forever know that you should buy a different shoe.

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