Landscaping Tips

    At the Nursery – Buying New Plants
    Before you buy, consider these helpful terms and tips.

    Lawn Care Tips
    In 90 seconds you will be a lawn care pro after reading these densely packed tips and details.

    Planting a New Tree
    Dig a big hole, insert tree, fill the hole and pack it down, add water and enjoy.

    Caring for a Newly Planted Tree
    Newly planted trees need water, sun, nutritious soil and a little of your tender lovin’ care.

    Buying a New Lawn Mower
    Before you buy, consider these helpful terms and tips for getting a new lawn mower.

    Lawn Mower Maintenance
    The five most “life extending” tips to help you properly maintain your shiny new lawn mower.

    Mowing Your Lawn
    How tall? What if your grass is really tall? Mulch or bag, wet or dry cutting your lawn won’t make it cry.

    Watering Your Lawn
    Learn the best time to water your lawn, how often, soil considerations and what to do during extreme weather.