Day Hike Gear Checklist

    Hiking Gear Checklist — If you’re just going out for the day you may not need much, but you’ll still want a few things in case the weather turns bad or something unexpected happens.

    If you’re not going to be far from your car you can leave some of the gear there. Try to anticipate what things you may encounter as you’re putting your gear together.

    Day hike gear suggestions:

    • Day pack or hip pack
    • Water or drink (at least 16 to 32 oz. depending on your distance and the availability of water along the trail)
    • Snacks or lunch, such as a sandwich, chips and candy bar
    • Good shoes or boots, depending on the terrain
    • Good socks
    • Hat
    • Bandana or handkerchief
    • Clothing for the season, but prepare for the worst
    • Map and compass if the area is new to you
    • Watch
    • Camera/Film
    • First aid supplies (for a short hike maybe just a couple of Bandaids)
    • Insect repellant (the most effective repellant has DEET in it)
    • Remember to leave water and nonperishable food in your car for your return