The SVSUP Factors for Buying a New or Used Car

    Buying a Car— There are several different factors when buying a new or used car – not everyone is the same so different cars appeal to different people. Everyone needs to pinpoint his or her own needs.

    The different factors are Safety, Value, Styling, Utility, and Performance or the SVSUP factors. Just ask yourself a few quick questions on each of these factors, and you can then easily know what car you need.


    Do I care if my car has 2, 4 or 6 airbags? Do the results of government crash tests appeal to me?

    These two simple questions may be no-brainers to you, but the answer can tell you if you need to look for safety features in your next car. Keep in mind that safer cars generally have lower insurance rates. Also, keep in mind that although every car has to pass government safety tests, not all cars are as safe as others.


    Am I just looking for a car with a high resale value? (Someone looking for a car only to keep for a short period of time might want to look into this.)

    Value can have a double meaning, it can mean that it holds its value well, but can also be interpreted as meaning the car is affordable. I tend to determine value by how well it holds its value.


    Is the appearance the most important function of the vehicle? Do I find myself looking constantly at my car and can’t stand ugly cars? If you answered “yes” then you better believe that you need a stylin’ car!


    Will I be using this vehicle for a specific reason such as camping or adventuring? Is the car I’m looking at useful in many ways?

    Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s) are not the only cars that are made to fall under the Utility category. Minivans, cars, wagons and trucks are all very useful cars that manufactures have made to do more than just haul people. If this is your category, look at your potential vehicle and see if you can imagine using it for what you need it for. You might be surprised to find out that there may be other cars that will fit your needs.


    Do I find myself checking the 0-60 mph times on potential cars? Is horsepower as important or more important to me as my gas mileage? If these questions are right up your alley like mine, no ordinary car will do.

    The Automakers focus on SVSUP

    There are 3 major automaker categories that can be subdivided into several others—those are the American, European, and Asian manufactures. From there they can be subdivided further, but for this article we will stick to the major categories. Each can be classified generally on their SVSUP focus.

    Generally speaking they are as follows:

    American: Safety, Utility, and some Performance
    European: Safety, Value, Styling and Performance
    Asian: Safety, Value, Styling and some Performance

    Auto manufacturers are always trying new ideas and trying to improve their products, so these could change in times to come.

    For example, in the area of styling, many manufactures are developing cars that have bolder more noticeable styling. So, you will need to do your homework and study the different patterns and trends that cars are going through.

    When looking for your vehicle, keep in mind the SVSUP factors in order to zero in on your needs. Let the salesman know what you are looking for and they will be able to help you out with the decision process.