Tips for Buying Rock Climbing Shoes

Where can I go to buy rock climbing shoes and what are the best brands?

Hey Mike,

I just started to rock climb about month ago and i love it already. I climb in an indoor gym and plan to move outdoor soon so i am looking to buy some climbing gear. I was wondering if there are any rock climbing shoe brands you would recommend and where is the best place to buy shoes? Appreciate it.

Mike says:

A few tips:

1. Go to a store or a climbing gym to try on shoes. If a store doesn’t have a small climbing wall or at least some holds for you to step on, don’t buy there.

2. Try on several brands of shoes, they will all fit differently.

3. When you find a shoe that fits well, try on different sizes, a half size bigger and smaller.

4. Try edging on the holds. Edge on the inside of your shoe and the outside as well.

5. The whole buying process should take no less than an hour, so only go when you have time. Quality rock climbing shoes will cost around $100.

Like you, I started climbing in a gym where they had dozens of sizes of a few different brands. It took me quite a while to zero in on the right brand and size. Once I found that perfect fit my climbing improved significantly.

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