Sport Climbing

Sport Climbing is by far the most popular form of rock climbing today. Sport climbing is rock climbing on select areas of a cliff face protected by bolts attached to the rock.

Sport climbing allows the rock climber to safely climb high up on the cliff face and only carry a minimal amount of climbing gear. Sport climbers can climb outdoors without spending a lot of money on protective gear and can also enjoy climbing on many types of rock because there are bolted climbs in just about any place in the world.

Sport Climbing Tips – More than enough sport climbing tips to get you started and feeling confident for your first sport climbing trip.

Sport Climbing vs. Gym Climbing – Similar to gym climbing, sport climbing uses a little more gear and offers a lot more variety.

Traditional Climbing vs. Sport Climbing – Similar to sport climbing, traditional climbing uses a lot more gear and gives you a lot more adrenaline.

What is a Climbing Bolt? – Climbing bolts are a safe, permanent way to protect a climbing route, and when the sun is just right – they glisten like gems.

Climbing Bolts – a Troubled Past – Climbing bolts have not always been a popular way to protect a climbing route. To some, their permanence was unnatural.

Sport Climbing Safety – Climbing safety, which is like saying “boring 4 hour lecture.” Just the thought of it makes you yawn, so I’ll try and make this entertaining.

Falling with Style – Falling doesn’t have to be scary. Prepare for you next climbing fall with these super sweet falling tips (style points will be awarded by your faithful belayer).

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