Your Climbing Questions

Answers to great questions from climbers like you:

Retrieving Your Draws – How can you safely retrieve your quickdraws off a difficult or overhanging route?

Buying a Cam Rack on a Budget – So, it’s time to buy your own set of cams, but you don’t have a lot of money? Here’s what I would do.

Training for Climbing – What can I do in the off-season to get better at climbing, especially my fingers and forearms?

Forearm Strength and Grip – What can I do to improve my forearms strenth and my grip?

Buying Rock Climbing Shoes – What are the best rock climbing shoes brands are where is the best place to buy climbing shoes?

Climbing Ratings – Why is it so hard to progress past a climbing rating of 5.10?

Indoor vs. Outdoor – Do climbing gyms give you the same climbing experience as outdoor climbing?

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