Beginners Guide to Rock Climbing

Climbing Tips and Techniques – When starting out, good technique can be more useful than athleticism – get your skills up to speed.

New Climbers Start Here – Get the right climbing gear, know where to go and be safe.

New Climbers Start Here – Part 2 – Climbing has standards to keep you safe, like a belayer.

Sport Climbing – Switch from gym climbing to outdoor rock climbing. Rack your draws and start clipping some bolts!

Indoor Rock Climbing – Learn how to climb safely and get proper instruction inside one of the climbing gyms in your area.

Buying Rock Climbing Shoes – Whether buying your first pair of rock climbing shoes or replacing a worn-out pair, use these tips to get that critical fit.

Climbing Ratings – Learn what the 5.0 – 5.15 numbers mean. Use them to set goals and improve you skills.

Rock Climbing Gear List – Use this list to let you know which gear you’ll need as your skill improves.

Bouldering – A great alternative to other more gear intensive types of rock climbing, and a good way to work on your technique.

Aid Climbing – A brief introduction to one of the most challenging outdoor sports.