Timberland White Ledge Mid – Backpacking Boot Review

    Backpacking Boot Rating: 6.0 – Fair

    Lightweight boot made for day hiking with a light pack. Its treated all-leather upper is waterproof. It has good arch support and good styling.

    Quality Ratings:

    1. Weight: 2.6 lbs Excellent
    2. Sole: Timberland Fair
    3. Upper: Leather Fair
    4. Lining Good
    5. Sole/Upper Connection Poor
    6. Insert: Formed Good
    7. Toe Protection Fair
    8. Lacing Good
    9. Waterproof: Gore-Tex Good
    10. Breathability Good
    11. Ankle Support Poor
    12. Value Good

    The White Ledge is one of the most inexpensive all- leather hiking boots available. It is very stylish and has metal lacing components and has very good arch support.

    While it is a good looking boot, its good looks may keep it out of the extreme competition. Not durable enough for heavy hiking or heavy packs.

    Roomy. It’s listed as medium width, but it has room to spare. Your toes won’t be claustrophobic, but if you have a small heel it might be a bit loose. The padding is not too bulky, but you might have some small hot spots.

    List price – $100.00
    Average price – $89.95

    The tan style is a little harder to find and the brown style occasionally goes on sale for $75.

    Available Sizes: Men’s 8-12, 13, 14, 15

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