Backpacking Gear Checklist

    Backpacking Gear Checklist — With an outdoor activity like backpacking, it is especially important to check your gear and make sure you have everything before you go.

    Equipment Checklist

    1. Fire: matches, knife

    2. Direction: map, compass, flashlight & batteries, scriptures

    3. Protection:

    clothes: waterproof jacket, long and short sleeved shirts, pants, fleece, extra socks and underwear, and hat.

    optional clothes: rain pants, camp shoes or moccasins. (For cooler weather you could add a parka, gloves, stocking cap and snow pants or gaiters.) Be prepared for rain or unexpected snow.

    first aid kit: bandages (assorted sizes), gauze, tape, tweezers, scissors, needle(s), safety pins, aspirin, ibuprofen or Tylenol, soap, benadryl, neosporin, other medications as needed, thermometer, pencil/paper, molefoam or moleskin, and coins

    food & water: water bottle, # day’s supply of food, and water filter, hip or day pack for side hikes

    sun protection: polarized sun glasses, sun block (15+), and hat

    4. Shelter: tent, cord/rope, space blanket or tarp

    5. Cooking: 1-2 pots/pans, cup, plate, spoon, fork, salt & pepper, 1 gallon water bag, plastic sheet, food/bear bag and cord

    6. Sleeping: sleeping bag, Thermarest or closed cell foam pad

    7. Personal Kit / Sanitation: soap/shampoo, toothpaste & brush, comb, dental floss, toilet paper, repair kit (wire, tape, etc.), small towel, tweezers, chapstick, water filter, scouring pads or dish soap, paper towels, mosquito repellent

    8. Pack, Backpack: add hip or day pack if going on hike or to a summit

    9. Stove & Fuel

    10. Fishing Gear & License if going fishing

    Sample Four Day Menu

    Milk, juice
    Sweet Roll
    Sandwiches, chips, Carrots/celery
    Box drink/Kool-aid
    Rolls, butter
    Fruit punch
    Honey, jelly, butter
    Jerky, chips
    Dried fruit, nuts
    Candy bar
    French bread, garlic butter
    Cereal (any kind)
    Milk (powdered)
    Hot chocolate
    French onion soup
    Crackers, chips
    Dried fruit, candy
    Grape Drink
    Beef stroganoff/pasta
    Fruit punch
    Granola Bars
    Hot chocolate
    Candy bars, trail food
    Raspberry Lemonade
    Urban Survival Food

    Sample Backpacking Cook Kit

    Many of the cooking items in the backpacking gear checklist can be consolidated into a backpacking cook kit. Your cook kit would include equipment like:

    1. Stove w/fuel, 1-2 pots w/ lid, Spatula, Frying pan, Matches

    2. Cup, Plate, Spoon & Fork (don’t forget your pocket knife)

    3. Salt & Pepper, Cooking Oil, Other seasonings

    4. Dish soap or pads, Paper towels

    5. Butter or margarine, Honey, Jam and/or Jelly

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